Cisco Asa remote access vpn - example 1 - preshared key with split-tunneling




  • create ACL for split tunneling(this traffic will be tunneled)

(config)#access-list standard ra_vpn permit

  • create pool of addresses for remote  clients

 (config)#ip local pool ra_vpn_pool mask

  • create internal group policy

(config)# group-policy RA_VPN_Policy internal
(config)# group-policy RA_VPN_Policy attributes

(config-group-policy)# dns-server value

(config-group-policy)# default-domain value

(config-group-policy)# banner login "Welcome on Remote Access VPN at"

set split-tunneling(options are: tunnel all, excludespecified and tunnelspecified).

(config-group-policy)# split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified

configure network which should be tunneled

(config-group-policy)# split-tunnel-network-list value ra_vpn

  • create tunnel-group

(config)# tunnel-group RA_VPN_tunnel_group type ipsec-ra

(config)# tunnel-group RA_VPN_tunnel_group general-attributes

specify ip address assignment(our local ip address pool)

(config-tunnel-general)# address-pool ra_vpn_pool

specify policy for vpn connection(our RA_VPN_Policy)

 (config-tunnel-general)# default-group-policy RA_VPN_Policy

 (config)# tunnel-group RA_VPN_tunnel_group ipsec-attributes

define pre-shared-key

(config-tunnel-ipsec)# pre-shared-key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • configure crypto map

configure transformset(phase2)

(config)# crypto ipsec transform-set RA_VPN_transformset esp-aes-256 esp-sha-hmac

configure dynamic map 

crypto dynamic-map RA_VPN_dynamic 5000 set transform-set RA_VPN_transformset

crypto map RA_VPN_map 100 ipsec-isakmp dynamic RA_VPN_dynamic

enable crypto-map on outside interface

(config)# crypto map RA_VPN_map interface outside 


  • enable isakmp on external interface

(config)#crypto isakmp enable outside

  • define isakmp policy(ipsec phase1)

(config)# isakmp policy 100

(config-isakmp-policy)# group 2

(config-isakmp-policy)# encryption  aes-256

(config-isakmp-policy)# authentication pre-share

  •  configure natting (DO NOT NAT remote access traffic!!!)

ACL for excempt nat

 access-list nonat line 1 extended permit ip any

  nat (inside) 0 access-list nonat

  • create user for remote access

 (config)#username danpol password ....

(config)# username adrianda attributes

(config-username)# vpn-group-policy RA_VPN_Policy


  • Configure VPN client profile




Connection Entry - name of profile

Description - short info about this profile

Group Authentication-Name - name of tunnel-group

Password - pre-shared-key we typed in tunnel-group configuration


dzbanek 2012-12-01

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