Virtual Sensor - ASA AIP-SSM


 AIP-SSM module has some limitation:

  • Normalization is done by ASA instead of IPS module
  • Does not support TCP tracking mode
Default virtual sensor is vs0 and cannot be deleted.The only things you can change are:
  • Description
  • Anomaly detection
  • Interface list(add/remote backplane interface)

 (config)# service analysis-engine

(config-ana)# virtual-sensor danpol

(config-ana-vir)# signature-definition sig0

Now we have to remove sensor interface from default vs0 to add to our new one

(config-ana)# virtual-sensor vs0

(config-ana-vir)# no physical-interface GigabitEthernet0/1

(config-ana)# virtual-sensor danpol

 (config-ana-vir)# description Company inline sensor

(config-ana-vir)# physical-interface gigabitEthernet0/1

(config-ana-vir)# exit

We added inline sensor Gi0/1 to new virtual sensor "danpol"

(config-ana)# global-parameters

(config-ana-glo)# ip-logging

(config-ana-glo-ip)# max-open-iplog-files 50

(config-ana-glo-ip)# exit

(config-ana-glo)# exit

(config-ana)# exit

Apply Changes?[yes]: yes
Warning: change to max-open-iplog-files will take effect after next restart
Warning: The node must be rebooted for the changes to go into effect.
Continue with reboot? [yes]: yes


dzbanek 2013-03-02

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